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Factory + trade (integration). Focusing on environmental reliability test equipments field since 1990.
We supply a wide range of environmental test chambers, including Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers, Rapid-Rate Thermal Cycle Chambers, Walk-In Environmental Chambers, Battery Thermal Test Chambers, Thermal Shock Chambers, HAST Chambers, Altitude Test Chambers, Industrial Ovens, Salt Spray Test Chamber, etc.
We support almost every industry such as Electronics, Automotive, Renewable Energy, Testing laboratory, Semiconductor, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Defence, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Scientific Research and many more.
Yes, of course. We can design and build bespoke test chambers that perform to your exact requirements.

Our professional team will give you the best suggestion, and you just need tell us the information about your test sample, the parameters you required.

Guide to buying a climatic test chamber

Generally, about 30~45 working days for standard models. If we have inventory, we can arrange shipment within 7 days. Please be aware that our production lead time depends on specific items and item quantities.
We have our own calibration and third-party calibration by CNAS laboratory in China. You can contact local laboratories such as TUV, SGS, etc for the next calibration.
Yes, we do. Currently we have agents in Europe, Asia, North America, South Africa, and can provide after-sales and technical services.
Warranty period is 12 months, free components against shipment. If any component fail, just feel free to contact us and describe the problem. We will help troubleshoot, send you new ones for replacement and guide your engineers by email or video meeting. Or we can ask our local distributors to give you an on-site repair and maintenance.
We support various types of trade terms, such as EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP, etc. Payment methods are T/T, Paypal, L/C etc., and it is negotiated.

Product Q&A

Water consumption depends on the size of the test chamber, the specific test conditions and the type of humidification system. If you need to do a humidity test for a long time, it is recommended to add an automatic water replenishment device.

The biggest difference between thermal shock test chamber and thermal cycling test chamber is the speed of temperature change. The temperature change of the thermal shock test chamber is sudden and instantaneous, and there is no process of temperature change. The temperature of the thermal cycling test chamber changes gradually, which is more gentle than the thermal shock test chamber. Read more

Air-cooled and water-cooled condensers have similar functions. Whether you choose air-cooled or water-cooled condensers, you should choose according to the actual use environment of the environmental chamber and the testing requirements of the product.

What’s the Difference Between Water-cooled and Air-cooled Condenser?

Which is Better Air-cooled or Water-cooled Condenser?

1. Humidity can not meet the test requirements

2. Low temperature can not reach the test requirements

3. Abnormal temperature changes during high temperature tests

4. Prompt abnormal pressure

Read more : Troubleshooting: Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers

We utilize a bending pipe technology with a large R-radius, which only requires 70-80 welding points, reducing the number of welding points by 70%.  Read more