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Troubleshooting: Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers

Troubleshooting: Temperature and Humidity Test Chambers

Temperature and humidity test chamber, which can be used for high temperature, low temperature and humidity testing, is the necessary test chamber for many industries. Today, let us learn about some faults that may occur during the operation of the temperature and humidity test chamber.

Humidity can not meet the test requirements

  1. The measured humidity is higher than the set value.

  • Check whether the wet ball gauze (wet bulb gauze) is correctly set on the humidity sensor.
  • If the gauze is dry, check the sink for lack of water.
  • Change or wash gauze.


  1. The actual humidity is lower than the set humidity.

  • Check whether all parts of the humidification system are normal.
  • If the humidification system is normal, contact the after-sales personnel for maintenance.

Note: Humidity test cannot be done below zero.

Low temperature can not reach the test requirements

  1. Slow cooling rate.

  • Drying before cooling down.
  • Too many or incorrectly placed samples.
  • The cooling system may be faulty, please contact after-sales service.


  1. The temperature will rise.

  • Check if it is caused by the heating of the sample.
  • Check whether the ambient temperature and placement of the test chamber meet the requirements.
  • Sensor failure, contact personnel for maintenance.

Abnormal temperature changes during high temperature tests

  1. The heating rate is very slow.

  • Check whether the air circulation system is normal.
  • The sample absorbs heat, resulting in a slower rise in temperature.
  • Heating power is too small.
  • If the heater cannot work normally, please contact the after-sales service.


  1. The heating rate is very fast.

  • Check whether the circulating fan is operating normally.
  • It may be that the sensor or heating component (circuit) of the temperature and humidity test chamber is faulty, contact after-sales service.

Prompt abnormal pressure

Air-cooled type: First check whether the position of the temperature and humidity test chamber is too close to the wall. Then check whether the ambient temperature is high due to seasonal reasons (especially in summer) or lack of ventilation.

Water-cooled type: Less affected by ambient temperature. It is recommended to contact a professional for repair.

Finally, if you encounter any problems during the use of the machine, please consult KOMEG after-sales personnel. The above are the solutions to the common faults of the temperature and humidity test chamber, I hope it will be helpful to you.