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What is a Battery Temperature Testing Chamber?

battery temperature testing chamber komeg

From smartphones in 2012 to electric vehicles in 2016, the demand for lithium-ion batteries has grown as their application areas have expanded. The market’s technical requirements for lithium-ion batteries are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, the batteries need to undergo a series of tests before they are officially produced and applied. Battery temperature testing chamber is one of these tests.

Introduction of Batteries

Batteries are divided into primary batteries and secondary batteries, primary batteries can only be used once, secondary batteries can be recharged and used repeatedly.

Lithium-ion batteries belong to the secondary battery. Battery temperature testing chamber is also mainly used for secondary batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are widely used, initially only for cell phones, computers, notebooks and other consumer products, and now can also be used for electric cars, electric bicycles, grid-scale energy storage, aerospace, etc..

Why Should the Battery be tested in a Temperature Testing Chamber?

The use of rechargeable batteries has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, but there are also some hazards, such as short circuits caused by heat generation, damage to equipment, and explosions in severe cases. 

The battery temperature testing chamber can simulate different temperatures, test the safety of the battery, so as to avoid safety accidents caused by the battery or improper use. After testing, we can also understand the performance of the battery, and carry out targeted product design or product improvement.

Features of Battery Temperature Testing Chamber

  • Integral explosion-proof design: Explosion-proof window, Chamber Door with explosion-proof chain, Explosion-proof pressure relief port.
  • Various protection devices: Over-temperature protection, compressor overload overheat protection, high voltage protection, motor over-current protection, overheat protection relay, fan overload protection, fuse, dry burn protector, water shortage protector, alarm action.
  • Meet a variety of battery test standards.


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