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Tips for using climatic test chambers in summer

Tips for using climatic test chambers in summer

Half of this year has passed, and most countries in the northern hemisphere have entered summer. The high temperature in summer is a test for the climatic test chamber. Especially for the air-cooled environmental chamber, if the temperature is too high, it may not operate normally. As summer approaches, what should we do to ensure the stable operation of the climatic test chambers?


The ambient temperature requirement of the KOMEG climatic test chamber is 5℃-35℃. When the ambient temperature exceeds 35℃, we recommend using air conditioning or other cooling equipment to reduce the ambient temperature to below 35℃. In addition to controlling the ambient temperature within the range required by the environmental simulation chamber, you also need to pay attention to:

  • Place the environmental simulation chambers away from direct sunlight.
  • In addition to temperature, the climatic test chamber also has requirements for environmental humidity (not more than 85%RH). In some areas, the humidity will be relatively high in summer. Pay attention to monitoring the environmental humidity. Excessive environmental humidity will affect the humidity setting of the climatic test chamber.
  • Choose an environment with less dust and good ventilation. Be careful not to place flammable, explosive, highly radiant and highly corrosive items around the environmental simulation chamber.
  • Regularly clean the various accessories of the climatic test chamber: condenser, water tank, water cup, water pipe, electronic components, etc.
  • Make sure that the power supply meets the requirements of the climatic test chamber, and regularly check whether the connection parts of each circuit are stable.


If the ambient temperature is too high, the climatic test chamber may fail to refrigerate, the cooling process may be abnormal, the noise may become louder, the current and voltage safety protection device may alarm, etc. In order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the environmental simulation chamber, I hope this article can help you understand the precautions for using the environmental test chamber in summer.