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How to protect a climatic chamber in winter?

how to protect climatic chambers in winter

In a blink of an eye, winter is coming. Customers who have purchased climatic chambers should have noticed that in the product instruction manual, there are usually requirements regarding the use environment. Taking the KOMEG climatic chamber as an example, we have requirements for the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure of the environment in which the climatic chamber is installed: ambient temperature is 5℃-35℃, relative humidity is not greater than 85%RH, and atmospheric pressure is 86kpa~106kPa. However, with the arrival of winter comes dryness and low temperatures. What should we do to ensure the normal operation of the environmental chamber in winter?

Choose the Right Climatic Chamber

Although climatic chambers are usually placed indoors, the design of environmental chambers is different for hot climate areas and cold climate areas.

Generally, during the purchase stage, KOMEG sales will confirm with the customer the local climate conditions and the installation site of the environmental chamber. Then, combine the information to provide customers with product design solutions. Considering the different climate conditions in different countries and the different sales methods of various environmental chamber manufacturers, it is recommended that customers inform the sales staff of the local climate conditions.

Maintain Stable Ambient Temperature and Humidity

  1. Use insulation materials to wrap devices that are susceptible to freezing, or use electric tracing.
  2. Use a heating system to adjust the ambient temperature
  3. Use a humidification system to adjust the ambient humidity

Daily Maintenance

  1. Regularly inspect all parts of the climatic chamber and repair them in time
  2. Use high-purity refrigerant. If the refrigerant contains too much moisture, it will easily cause ice blockage.
  3. Check whether the drying filter is aged and replace it in time, otherwise it will easily lead to freezing.
  4. Replace the water in the humidifier once a month to ensure water quality. Clean the water tray at least once a month to ensure smooth water flow.
  5. Make sure the equipment is well grounded
  6. Wash hands or wear an anti-static bracelet before operating the equipment to avoid the occurrence of static electricity
  7. Clean dust daily to avoid the occurrence of static electricity


Note: Different climatic chambers have different designs and operation methods. If you encounter any problems during use, it is recommended to consult the environmental chamber manufacturer to provide you with solutions.